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wpe50.jpg (3740 bytes)
NEW - VISIT our Alpha INDEX Page
All of our Products, Services and Information listed alphabetically
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Dragster options
Ph 0411-699 535
Email –
Race car accessories available for your new car.

Please take a look at our package cars selection. Select the package that has more options than you want and request a deletion of the items that you do not wish to have. Select any additional items from this list that you may want and we will price the package for you.

If there is something that you want that is not on this list please request it and we will attempt to accommodate you. Thanks, Ken

Basic hardware
Dragster chassis – standard (steel or chrom-moly)
Dragster chassis – chrom-moly - saddled or full cable
    The application or class the car will be used in determines the dragster chassis length, engine         and driver location. Specifics will be give at the time of ordering.

Altered chassis – standard – steel or chrom-moly
Altered chassis – supercharged – chrom-moly only
    The application or class the car will be determines altered engine location used in. Specifics
     will be given at the time of ordering.

Steering-click here for more info
Front spindles (steel or billet aluminum)
Dragster front spindle mounting – bipod streamline tube (straight or offset)
Altered front spindle mounting – tripod streamline tube (straight or offset)
Steering wheels (standard or lightened) with or without anodized grips
Steering shafts and steering crash stop bracket (dragster)
Steering tie rods – (dragster)
Steering drag link, bell crank and tie rod set (altered)
Rack and pinion – dragster (billet aluminum)
Rack and pinion mounting -dragster (billet aluminum bracketing)
Worm and sector steering box – altered (anodized aluminum)
Worm and sector steering box mounting – altered
Removable or non removable mounting

Engine mounting
Engine mounts – front (solid or saddle mount – standard or lightened)
Engine mount saddle clamps
Engine plates and engine / trans adapters
Starter cut outs – standard and relocated starters
Torque converter access cut outs
Dragster rear mount radiator hose port
Scalloped bottom profile
Adapter for Powerglide to Ford or Chrysler

Controls-click here for more info
Throttle pedal and controls
Brake pedal / levers, master cylinder and master cylinder mounts
Clutch pedal and linkage with adjustable travel stop - dragster
Clutch pedal and linkage with adjustable travel stop - altered
Adjust-a-rail pedal assemblies (dragster – throttle and brake or throttle and clutch)
Fuel shut off lever and cables and mounting.

Fuel systems-click here for more info
Fuel tank (altered or dragster) – (supercharged or non supercharged)
Fuel shut off lever, cable, cable mount on chassis and pump
Fuel shut off over center spring kit.
Fuel pump billet inlet nipple (1 " with side return ports)
Fuel return log (fuel shutoff mount)
Fuel return log (fuel pump inlet nipple return)
Fuel supply line (1 ") from tank to pump (altered)
Fuel supply line T bolt band clamps

Cooling-click here for more info
Radiator (plastic & aluminum or full aluminum)
Radiator mounting shroud (Flip up dragster radiator cover)
Electric water pump and selection of mounting brackets
Fan 12 volt
Overflow tank
Overflow tank and recovery system
Chevrolet water neck
Ford water neck

Instruments-click here for more info
Dashboard (dragster) with gauge holes and delay box mounting
Dashboard cover kit (dragster) – available in fiberglass, carbon, kevlar
Crotch dashboard (dragster) with gauge holes and master switch mounting
Dashboard (altered) – steering box mount option of two 2 5/8" gauge hole or two 2 5/8" gauge holes and a tach hole
Instruments (Tach, oil pressure, water temp, oil temp)

Electrical-click here for more info
Instrument battery box
Battery mount tray – Dragster (front mount)
Battery mount tray – Dragster (rear mount)
Battery mount tray – Altered
Starter switch
Toggle switch (ignition, pumps, fans ect)
Electric master switch (mounts in crotch dash)
Alternator mounting
Recharge QD plug
Starter QD plug
Switches for ignition, fan and water pump and mounting on crotch dash
Accessory mounting panel on foot box (bolt in or Dzus in)
Accessory mounting panel on drivers compartment top rail (bolt in or Dzus in)
Front mount battery cable conduit
Computer mounting tray (bolt in or Dzus fasten in)
Push button starter switch (heavy duty) with rubber boot
Chevy coil mount kit (mounts standard ignition coil to back of engine on the upper left trans bolts
Chev coil mount plate only (will fit standard Mallory Supermag coil or can be drilled to fit aftermarket coil (mounts on upper left trans bolts)
Wiring kit (available only on complete car orders)

Transmission-click here for more info
Trans cooler and mounting
Trans temp gauge manifold
Trans coupler
Trans adapter engine plate
Powerglide shifter and shorty kits
Electric shift kit (for use with KLRC Powerglide shifter)
Lenco drive line cover - altered
Powerglide drive line cover – altered
Powerglide transmission assemblies available in range of hardware options based
on your specific need

Diff housing-click here for more info
Flanged axle or floater axle options
Lightened chassis brackets, lightened diff brackets, diff rear brace, drain bung and plug, inspection/fill bung and plug, anti rotate mount, wheele bar mounts, top and bottom face brace, jack pad

Tail light (AA battery powered – 6 ounces)
Seat belts and harness
Parachutes, parachute pack mounting, parachute shroud line mounting and parachute control (single and dual chutes)
Wheele bars and wheele bar mounting
Wings (12" & 15" wing, wing mounting – round tube and streamline)
"Puke" tank – Dragster
"Puke" tank – Altered / Funny car (uses top rails back to tank)
Altered drive shaft cover and mounting – mounts to chassis 28195-00004
Altered drive shaft cover and mounting – mounts to Powerglide trans 28195-0006
Altered drive shaft cover and mounting – mounts to Lenco Reverser 28195-00011

Standard and billet brake calipers
Standard and drilled brake rotors
Rear brake kits (foot brake or hand lever controlled)
Front brake kits – Dragster (separate hand lever controlled)
Front brake kits – Altered / Funny Car

Rear axle
Billet flanged axles, wheel bearings, wheel studs
Floater axles kits – Standard under 1500 HP/2200 Lbs
Floater axle kits – Heavy duty weld in
Floater axle kits – Heavy duty Modular housing
Diff center (aluminum or nodular housing)
Diff and trans couplers

Engine assemblies
Big Block Chevy 468 cube short block or long block
Flowed fuel injection assembly
Converter available for this combination
Rocker girdle assemblies
Headers flange kits or complete headers assembles available

Bodies-click here for more info
Dragster bodies – standard or with engine panels (kick out or straight)
KLRC standard chassis dragster body
KLRC standard chassis dragster body with panel doublers
KLRC custom car dragster body
KLRC custom car dragster body with panel doublers
KLRC dragster engine panels (shorty)
KLRC dragster engine panels (long) no kick out
KLRC dragster engine panels (long) with kick out
Non KLRC dragster bodies and panels (por)
Computer access doors
Front fuel tank access door
Nose available in fiberglass, carbon or kevlar
Drivers exit assist bars on roll cage
Dragster floor pan
    Standard one piece
    Super light one piece
    Super light two piece
Fuel line tunnel (for forward fuel tanks)
Dragster safety plate

Altered bodies
    23T with standard mounting or pivot mounting
    23T with standard turtle deck or narrow turtle deck
    48 Fiat with standard mounting or pivot mounting
        windowed or non widowed

Altered chassis aluminum panels
Seats – fiberglass, carbon, kevlar or aluminum.
Scoops and scoop mounting systems for normally aspirated engines (see Raceglass section)

Wheels - click here for more info
Front wheels (2.75 x 17 – dragster) polished or anodized black
Rear wheels are available through standard wheel sources, see information our
Information package for bolt pattern and rear backspace.


Dragster mounting
Altered mounting
Funny Car mounting
Front wheel magnetic ring
Coupler magnetic ring

Helmet hook
Exit assist bars (level with top of windscreen, gives the driver something to push against to get out of the car)

Seat belt hooks – hook to hang the bottom straps on so the driver can get in the seat without sitting on the belts making it easier for strapping the driver in the car.

Roll cage padding (wrap type with Velcro strip) attractive removable padding that wraps around the roll cage and attaches to itself to hold it in place

Chassis skid pads with replaceable rubbing blocks
Dragster chassis ports for wiring and plumbing
Lower rail in front of foot box
Lower rail by rear of seat
Lower rail by starter

Altered chassis port - engine upright ports for cables and wire

Engine upright port for pressure port (oil pressure line)
Lower right chassis rail – front (front brakes and Lenco supply line)

Lower right chassis rail – Lenco supply line to drivers compartment

Air bottle mount (Large) Dragster front mount to upright (brackets and mounting labor)
Air bottle mount (Large) Dragster rear mount to safety plate (brackets and mounting labor)
Air bottle mount (Small) Dragster rear mount to safety plate (brackets and mounting labor)
Air bottle mount (Large) Altered/Funny Car (brackets and mounting labor)
Horn and mounting
Spindle tow hook or center tow hook
Anodizing kit (engine mounts, floor pan, dashboard,....)
Chrome kit (pedals, engine mount saddles, ..... )
Chassis painting

Wiring kit (available only on complete car orders)

Tools - click here for more info
Start up stand
Work stand
Engine cradle (same dimensions as chassis on car so you can use the standard engine mounts in the cradle for your spare engine)
Engine turning tool (supercharged)
Engine turning tool non supercharged – Chevrolet
Leak checker assembly or kit
Cam degree tool (BBC intake and exhaust rocker stud)
Cam degree tool billet – general mounting
System One oil filter wrench
Rod vise
13/16" Spark plug tool (needs straight access) T handle - stainless
Jet board
Jet wrench
Nozzle board
AN wrench set

Please take a look at our package cars selection. Select the package that has more options than you want and request a deletion of the items that you do not wish to have. Select any additional items from this list that you may want and we will price the package for you.

If there is something that you want that is not on this list please request it and we will attempt to accommodate you. Thanks, Ken

Drag Race School discounts

All Ken Lowe Race Car customers get a very big discount on the services of the Drag Race School. If you want to learn the A-Z of drag racing before you take your new car to the race track call Tracey at the Drag Race School on 0411-699 535 and inquire about your car buyer discount.

Under construction - below is some photos for your perusal.

wpe23.jpg (57972 bytes)
This could be your new car coming off the jig. If you want to know how our cars drive and the hardware fits ask any of our customers.  This chassis jig and fixture hardware is the culmination of building race cars since 1967. Striving for accuracy and repeatability has created the KLRC jigs and fixture system. Look on the top of the chassis jig and you will see almost no shadows. Our lighting system is quite shadows resistant this means that the builder can easily see if the tubes are in alignment. The accuracy of this jig is measured in thousands not fractions.

Select steering wheel - steering wheel
Select electrical - electrical
Select gauges - instrumentation
Select engine hardware - engine
Select wheels - wheels
Select cooling - cooling

wpe29.jpg (24886 bytes)
Spindle and spindle mounting. Streamline bi pod mounting

wpe28.jpg (30107 bytes)
Billet rack and pinion and billet aluminum mount. Horn is shown in front of the rack.

wpe2A.jpg (43380 bytes)
Drivers view of cockpit. Fuel shut off lever is the gold lever on the left. Down inside the car on the left you can see the foot brake, on the right you can see the throttle pedal. On the "crotch dash" starting from the bottom is the red master switch, the engine oil pressure and the trans temperature. On the right side of the crotch dash is the front brake lever. The three switches across the top of the crotch dash are from left to right fan, water pump and ignition. On the dashboard itself from left to right is the engine temperature, data logger switch, tach, crossover delay box switch and the crossover delay box. On the right side of the car the long gold handle is the shifter while the short gold handle next to it is the parachute lever.

wpe2C.jpg (51378 bytes)
Dashboard cover. Dzus button installed for quick and easy removal. Covers all the ugly wires yet still easy to service. Available in fiberglass, carbon(shown) or Kevlar.

wpe2E.jpg (39666 bytes)
Crossover delay box allow the driver to create more consistent reaction times.

wpe2B.jpg (56487 bytes)
Here you can see the clutch pedal and linkage on the left side of the car. The hand brake is on the right side of the car and the reverse lever is on the left.

wpe24.jpg (42148 bytes)
Some people don't like the way they look but they sure save the engine from getting rocks thrown down the pipe and past an open valve into the engine. It happens!!

wpe26.jpg (43883 bytes)
Adjust-a-rail pedal set. Remove a couple of bolts and set the pedals where the driver is most comfortable. This is good if more than one person drives the car or adds to car resale value. Also some drivers find that the original position of the pedals when the car was built is not as comfortable as they first thought once they get in the firesuit and are setting in the staging lanes. The Adjust-a-rail pedals allow them to be easily moved to make the driver more comfortable. 

wpe25.jpg (33232 bytes)
Hand brake lever in a clutch car. Shown here in a car with a forward fuel tank as you can see the fuel line tunnel in the floor of the car.

wpe2F.jpg (26382 bytes)
Catch tray. This is a new option to our cars. If you leak a drop of oil or water on the starting line the stewards will shut you off. If that happens with this the catch tray will stop the fluid from going on the track and you will still be able to make the run and have a chance of winning the race. If you get shut off that will never happen.

wpe30.jpg (33276 bytes)
Rules state you must have a tail light. Wires and such are so messy and they fail so much. With this self contained tail light a pair of AAA batteries will last a very long time. This one has been on our Drag Race School car for nearly two years now and the batteries are still good. We do carry a spare set of AAA's in the trailer though.

wpe31.jpg (39774 bytes)
Crotch dash shown with gauges and switches. The crotch dash increases the amount of space you have to install controls that the driver must be able to reach while strapped in the car.

wpe36.jpg (24508 bytes)
Forward battery tray. Shown with great Odyssey dry cell battery. This little battery has 1000CCA and will start a diesel truck.


wpe5A.jpg (26835 bytes)
Engine locator. Allow the engine to be located in the chassis so it will not move during hard acceleration and we install it in such a way that it is not in the way of servicing the transmission.

wpe5B.jpg (22500 bytes)
Alternator kit for dragster or altered. Keeps the battery fully charged to keep the MSD operating at full efficiency. No down time back in the pits recharging the batteries either.


wpe8F.jpg (4128 bytes)
Clutch pedal for Adjust-a-rail pedal assembly

Electrical accessories -------------------------------------------

wpe5E.jpg (17197 bytes)
Coil mount for Chevrolet

wpe64.jpg (17985 bytes)
Electrical quick disconnects. Small ones are great for recharging batteries and the large one is great for remote starters or remote batteries..

wpe34.jpg (14650 bytes)
Master control switch.

For more electrical accessories see - electrical section 


wpe67.jpg (38852 bytes)
Roll cage padding. Velcro mounting allows easy removal for cleaning. Bars on the front of the roll cage are the drivers exit assist bars. This is a great ideal if the car has a high side body.

wpe68.jpg (19428 bytes)
Transmission temperature block. Measures the temperature at the hottest point - as it is leaving the converter. Find out just what is going on in your trans.

wpe69.jpg (20240 bytes)
Water expansion tank. The water overflow is plumbed into the bottom of the tank so when the engine cools it pulls the water back into the engine.

wpe6A.jpg (31065 bytes)
Front brakes on a dragster. Absolutely the best idea yet! Controlled with a separate brake handle while the rear brakes are controlled with the foot pedal. Much like a motorcycle it allows the driver to apply the front brakes as much as he wants to. This configuration has stopped the Drag Race School car from 150 mph with nothing but the front brakes. No parachute and no rear brakes were used in the test. As we all know a dragster or altered will occasionally bounce in the shut down area. When this happens applying the rear brakes only makes the car bounce worse. In the DRS car you can apply a little front brake pressure and the car will immediately stop bouncing and the rear brakes can then be applied. 

wpe6B.jpg (19482 bytes)
Powerglide shifter cable mounting and actuator arm.

wpe6C.jpg (24958 bytes)
KLRC Powerglide shifter. Shown with parachute lever mounted to the back of the shifter. Also the cable in front of the shift lever runs forward to the electric solenoid the operates the rpm activated shifter.

wpe66.jpg (13292 bytes)
Electric shift solenoid connect to the shifter via cable to pull the shifter into high gear.

wpe6D.jpg (19854 bytes)

wpe6E.jpg (13817 bytes)
The water pump that cools a 500 cubic inch, 14-1 compression monster.!!!

wpe6F.jpg (35059 bytes)
KLRC radiator mount and cover. Dzus button latch in the front and a hinge mounting in the rear allow the radiator to be mounted back away from the driver and the fuel tank and over the transmission. The swing away mounting still allows easy access to the transmission for checking and servicing.

wpe70.jpg (39120 bytes)
Radiator cover and radiator swing up so you can see the bottom and gives access to the trans.

wpe71.jpg (35583 bytes)
Rear mount battery box with transmission overflow catch tank mounted just to the right of the battery box.

wpe72.jpg (18187 bytes)
Parachute and parachute mounting.

wpe87.jpg (15306 bytes)
Parachute shroud line mounting on single parachute application.

wpe73.jpg (22215 bytes)
Trans to diff coupler - Trans cover - Trans oil temp block

wpe74.jpg (18829 bytes)
Ken Lowe Race Cars front wheels.

wpe75.jpg (14574 bytes)
Flanged axle diff housing. Shown with lightened diff mounting plates, back brace, drain bung, jack pad, wheelie bar mounts, inspection bung and plug, antirotate mounts and parachute mount.

wpe7C.jpg (7752 bytes)
Jack pad and wheelie bar mount.

wpe76.jpg (14817 bytes)
Inspection bung and plug.

wpe81.jpg (17387 bytes)
Face brace and bowl welding for Ford diff assemblies.

wpe78.jpg (25952 bytes)
Throttle pedal travel stop for Adjust-a-rail pedal assembly. This prevents the drivers adrenlinin from pressing the throttle pedal so hard that he damages or breaks the throttle linkage.

wpe79.jpg (16276 bytes)
KLRC Powerglide shifter.

wpe7A.jpg (20286 bytes)
MSD mounting tray on the inside of the foot box cover inside the drivers compartment..

wpe7B.jpg (18648 bytes)
KLRC Modular diff assembly with fabricated housing..

wpe8D.jpg (17773 bytes)
Dual parachute shroud line mounts with top mount antirotate on KLRC Modular diff assy.

wpe7E.jpg (15822 bytes)
Lightened chassis mounting plates

wpe7F.jpg (8589 bytes)
Fuel shut off lever, mounting and cable. Note: this is where we mounted our data logger down load cable.

wpe80.jpg (8491 bytes)
Master cylinder mount for hand brake applications.

wpe82.jpg (26032 bytes)
Seats available in fiberglass, carbon(shown) and Kevlar.

wpe83.jpg (36263 bytes)
Dragster safety plate.


Dragster body options ---------------------

wpe84.jpg (21477 bytes)
Engine panel options available are:
Shorty engine panel (just under engine) -no kick out.
Shorty engine panel (just under engine) with kick out.
Standard engine one piece full engine panel -no kick outs
Standard engine one piece full engine panel with kick outs (shown)
Standard engine two piece full engine panel -no kick outs (for long engine bays)
Standard engine two piece full engine panel with kick outs (for long engine bays)
(Kick out is the panel in front of the tire)

wpe91.jpg (7647 bytes)
Computer access door recessed in the side of the body.
wpe8A.jpg (11375 bytes)
Foot box cover.

wpe8B.jpg (14581 bytes)
Driver exit assist bars. Very handy on cars with high side bodies.

wpe93.jpg (6727 bytes)
Panel doubler - a must have for all supercharged cars

Gauges and instruments - see Instruments


wpe86.jpg (13296 bytes)
Throttle pedal and mounting for non Adjust-a-rail mounting.

wpe92.jpg (12148 bytes)
Helmet peg. Hook the D ring of the helmet here to hold the helmet while you are strapping yourself in or driving back up the return road.

.wpe94.jpg (15709 bytes)
Seat belt hook. Keeps the belts off the bottom of the seat so you can sit down with out sitting on the seat buckle. Makes it much easier to strap yourself in the car.

wpe95.jpg (14496 bytes)
Two piece floor pan is much easier to remove while the car is assembled.

wpe96.jpg (7322 bytes)
Spindle tow hooks.

wpe97.jpg (18909 bytes)
Interior view of a clutch car with a hand brake and a forward mount fuel tank.

wpe98.jpg (9598 bytes) wpe8C.jpg (7319 bytes)
Chassis ports

wpe61.jpg (20471 bytes)
Chassis port

wpe65.jpg (15103 bytes)
Chassis port



Other literature available.
99253-85001 Small Block Chevy components
99253-85002 Big Block Chevy components
99253-85003 Ford 351C engine components
99253-85004 392 Chrysler components
99253-85005 426-440 Chrysler components
99253-53601 Blower Components
99253-80011 Cooling system components
99253-80001 Front Engine Dragster kits
99253-90001 Special Race Car tools
99253-01000 Info on the Drag Race School
99253-00001 Why flow my fuel system ?
99253-00002 How to Win in DYO
99253-00003 So you want to build your own dragster ?
99253-00004 What is the future of DYO ?
99253-00005 KLRC car features
99253-20001 Modified Dragster Prices
99253-30001 Modified Altered Prices
99253-40001 Modified Roadster Prices

99344-00001 Info on your new KLRC car.
99344-00010 Cooling your race car and electric water pump instructions
99344-01001 Supercharged drive hub installation instructions
99344-25950 Instructions for mounting legs on hat injection tool box
99344-26001 Small Block Chevy crank support installation instructions
99344-26002 Big Block Chevy crank support installation instructions
99344-99101 Speed Scoop installations instructions
99344-99201 Big Speed Scoop installations instructions
99344-99301 Pro Stock Scoop installations instructions

Ken Says..... click here






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Crankshaft, MSD Castrol, Powerglide
PSI,TAFC, TAD, data, logger, piston, rings, rods
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fully adjustable barrel valve
fully adjustable metering valve
Main jet
dash 3 hose
nozzle line
skid pad
Skid pad mounting
Chassis tabs
Weld on tabs
Heim joints
Hiem joints
Rod ends
Chrom moly
TIG welding
JESEL pump drive
JESEL fuel pump drive
Chevy JESEL fuel pump drive
FORD JESEL fuel pump drive
FORD Crank Support
351 Front Crank Support
350 Front Crank Support
427 Front Crank Support
Crank Bearing Supports

MSD ignition leads
MSD spark plug wires
MSD mag drive
Supermag drive
Queensland Ignition Leads
Fuel Injection Hoses
Dash three hose
Dash 3 hose