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The FPMD fits ALL engines with a cam drive fuel pump

LOWE   Industries

FPMD  (Fuel Pump Magneto Drive)
4.8” offset  (center to center)

We have been manufacturing offset mag drives for over twenty years and have created several different designs for different applications. Since the blowers have gotten larger and larger, room for the magneto in the conventional location on top of the engine has vanished. All fuel injected race engines have a mechanical fuel pump drive off the camshaft and this provides an excellent power source to drive a magneto as well.  Just unbolt your fuel pump and bolt the LOWE FPMD on to your engine or fuel pump extension and then bolt your fuel pump back on to the front of the FPMD. Now install your magneto (SuperMag  1 through 6 or MSD magneto) on to the FPMD mag drive housing using your standard lock clamp. Set your timing and you are done.

In standard locations the bottom of the magneto (or distributor) drives the oil pump as well and if you drive the magneto from another power source you must still install a oil pump drive.  We have these available as well.

Features of the LOWE 4.8” FPMD.
                Reliable belt drive to the magneto
                Triple option for magneto drive with no changes, two pin, four pin or Dunn drive all in one.
                4140 fuel pump drive shaft – strong enough to drive the fuel pump and magneto
                Dual pattern on mounting flange
                Trimmed bottom case to allow offset drive to be moved closer to engine and clear most
                                blower pulleys
                Keyway shafts and hubs.
                Seal in the fuel pump drive shaft to keep oil out of belt housing.
                Support mounting holes provided in housing
                Anodized housing for appearance and durability
                Predrilled and tapped fuel pump mount flange
               Full sealed ball bearing design for long life.
Separate oil seal to prevent engine oil from entering the inside of the belt case.
               Belt tension never needs adjustment.
               Fully enclosed belt drive housing to prevent damage to belt.
               Easy to disassemble to inspect
               All stainless fasteners
               Cable tach drive option

The 4.8 offset drive has a totally enclosed belt to protect the belt We allowed the mag drive shaft to be flush with the back of the housing so it can be observed if the mag drive is turning while the engine is cranking to start. This was provided to allow the turner to trouble shoot problems more easily .

Our unique drive hub insures that your mag drive will fit your mag, 2 pin, 4 pin or Dunn drive, all fit.

Our universal hub has both a two pin and a four pin drive provisions as well as the Dunn drive cross. Slide you mag on and tighten the clamp.

In supercharged applications if you mount the FPMD directly to the front of the engine with out using a fuel pump extension the FPMD must sit at the 12 o’clock (or straight up) position.  Some conflict with the idler pulley can be a concern. Mounting it this way does limit the diameter of the bottom pulley but it will move the fuel pump back as far as possible which in some cases can be a big benefit as fuel tanks and other chassis hardware may conflict.

Moving the FPMD out to the end of a fuel pump extension allows the FPMD to be installed at any angle desired as the FPMD will sit in front of the blower drive belt. This also removes any conflict with the blower belt idler pulley. 

Fuel pump extensions for this application must be robust as it must hold the weight of both the fuel pump and the magneto. The LOWE fuel pump extensions come in two lengths 2 ½” and 5” and also have the option of a notched flange to accommodate applications such as small block Chevys that have a very close crank to cam center line. The fuel pump extension is notched to clear both a harmonic balancer or larger blower pulleys and timing rings. The LOWE fuel pump extensions are CNC machined from one piece billet aluminum and have a bearing supported drive shaft with a seal on the drive hub to keep oil inside the engine and not let it drip out at the end of the pump extension.

The mounting for the offset mag drive to the pump extension or engine is with the standard symmetrical four bolt patter of 1/4" bolts on 2.75” bolt circle. We provide two sets of mounting holes for two reasons. It offers the customer more options for mounting or all can be used for additional strength.

Our offset mag drive housing has been clearance milled housing to give more room in tight positions and clearance milled to allow larger blower pulleys in certain cases.

The LOWE FPMD  has two extra 1/4" holes on the top which can be used for either attaching a support bracket to make the mounting more robust or provisions to zip tie the plug wires to go inside the blower belt.

All the components are fully cnc machined to exacting standards for the ultimate in fit and finish.

The complete housing is anodized to protect the aluminum as well as improve the appearance.

The fuel pump mounting face is drilled and tapped for a standard symmetrical four bolt pump mounting on a 2.75” bolt circle. This will accommodate all Enderle 110, 990, 1100, 1200 pumps and Hilborn 175 series pumps and all Waterman Big Bertha pumps. We did not provide a three hole asymmetrical bolt pattern like the small pumps as doing so would require us to increase the material on the bottom of the housing where we have removed it for clearance and vary rarely does anyone use the small pumps in a supercharged application. If it is necessary to use a small three bolt pump you may use one of our short fuel pump extension which has a four bolt mount and both a four bolt and a three bolt pattern on the pump flange.

If you want to use the FPMD in the original distributor location for Chevy applications we provide a drive that doubles as both the oil pump drive as well as a FPMD drive.

The standard LOWE FPMD has an offset of 4.8” from center to center. In quantities of 10 or more we can make any of the following length offsets. Sixty to ninety day lead time from receipt of deposit. 50% deposit required with order. Center to center lengths available 5.6” - 6.7” - 7.1” - 7.8” -  8.6” - 9.3”

Prices are in AUD (which is usually approx .8 of US dollar - verify on placing the order)
+ GST applies on all orders inside Australia

List Price $ 1375.00 + Racer Decal Discount $ 995.00 price for one unit

All we need to ship your order is your credit card details and a shipping address. We accept Master Card and Visa. There is a printed number on the back of your credit card on the signature line. Would you give us the last three digits of that number. Please include your phone number as well. Prices are in AUD (Australian Dollars) + GST (if applicable) to convert to US dollars multiply by ~.80, GST does not apply to orders from outside Australia. Price does not include shipping. All prices are subject to change without notice. Prices must be verified at time of purchase only.



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The 31 Chapter 200 page Fuel Injection book is here for  more info on what has been called "the best fuel injection book on this planet". Now only $99.95AUD If you only learn one thing it is worth it
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We ship the FI book inside Australia COD Australia Post. When the order arrives at your post office you pay the postman and he sends the money to us. Outside Australia we require a valid credit card to make the charges to.















































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