Contact Information

My Telstra phone number is as always has been for the last 20 years 0411-699 535
During some of my travels in the last year I have found there are places where Telstra just does not have service.

My phones are NEVER off but often to get work done that I have promised to complete I have to put the phone down on the desk and let them collect messages. For this I have to apologize in advance should you be one of the callers. Prior commitments force me to make every effort to meet the deadlines I have promised. Most of the time I get it right, sometimes the work load just exceeds capabilities.

At the shop my work hours are from 7ish to 7ish. I work most Saturdays. Since this goes world wide I must point out that we are 14 hours ahead of the east coast of the USA, if you wake me at 2am you won't get much information.

Mobile or Cell Phone Phone: 0411-699-535
From outside Australia call: 011-61-411-699 535

Often my work environment is noisy, or my hands are covered in oil and may not be able to answer the phone right at the time, but I will return my calls as soon as possible. This is providing you are not calling from a phone that is a private or withheld number for which I cannot return that call. Big companies with Centrex Systems often call out with private numbers because the main line may have one incoming number but the company may have 25 or more phones.

Please consider I spend little time at the desk where the phone is and don't have an office person to answer that phone for me so if you call and it rings out, it just means I am not sitting as the desk. If I am at my desk... I will answer that phone.

For a period of time the land line including fax will be off line starting on 7 March 2011 - sorry no fax anymore... please scan and email.

Land line is now redundant as well.

My email is and it is a good idea to ask for a read receipt as sometimes it throws good email into my junk box. Dammed if I know why. Problem is I get several hundred emails a day, most of them junk trying to sell me something I have never asked for and never want so in the junk box I delete pretty viciously and sometimes good stuff gets taken out by mistake.... sorry.