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Now introducing our latest product. The Switch Box Kit.
4 Switches in a sealed aluminium box LED indicators Missile Covers Five wire Cable / 2 Meters Push Button Starter Switch option available.






Available in a range of configurations including with starter push button. A total of four switches are available in this box including three toggle and one push button (starter) and with or without LED indicators and with or without missile cover options. Even carbon fiber missile covers are available with or without LED switches.



New fuel injection on new Drag Race School car
The first LOWE Fuel Systems vertical injector assembly. At 45 square inches of area it is big enough to serve almost any application. We are doing the testing on the unit on the school car to make sure the bugs (if there are any) are all worked out. So far so good it is performing very well. The injector bolts on to a standard injector opening and will work on supercharged applications very well. We prefer this type of injector for dragster applications as it allows us to "grab" the clean air from above the roll cage to feed the engine with slightly pressurised air, free supercharging if you wish to call it that.. 

LOWE Fuel Systems injectors
Two LFS vertical injectors setting side by side.

LOWE Fuel Systems injectors
Shown with and with out the butterflies installed

LFS injector assemblies
One LFS injector upside down and the other the right side up.

LFS injector with scoop tray
LFS vertical injector shown with scoop tray.


Thermo-hygrometer (accuratly measures both temperature and the amount of water in the air). Keep track of the air conditions youself. Get instant temperature reading in Farenheight or Celcius and a humidity reading as well. LCD dispay of that reads in 1% humidity readings and .1 degree temperature readings. A perfect compliment to the altimeter (PN 89262-00002) and the Patrick Hale Air Density program (PN89262-00003) both shown below. 5 3/4" long and powered by two LR44 batteries that will last for 4400 hours under constant use. Part number 89262-00001

An altimeter is a very accurate tool for measuring small changes in air pressure which will make big differences in your cars performance. When used with the density software below and the thermo-hygrometer above you can track very small changes in the density altitude which will allow you to keep your engine in perfect tune or adjust your dial in for the perfect run. PN89262-00002

Patrick Hale software
Density software
Patrick Hale's air density software allow the racer to read the air conditions and make adjustments to the fuel system for maximum performance or to the dial in for DYO cars.   Quit guessing and have your information at your fingertips. You will need a computer to load the software on but you need one at the race track anyway to keep all your information for your race car. By the way Patrick is not just a software geek but he is a class racer in NHRA's Competition Eliminator so he understands race cars and "tests" his software every race day. PN89262-00003

Pinch valve (for fuel system)
Pinch valve
Lowe Fuel Systems have introduced a new pinch valve to allow the racer to add or remove fuel to the engine while making a pass. A 12 volt control solenoid opens or closes the valve as the racer desires adding or removing fuel from the system. This can be activated by a timer, a gear change or with a push button. Often called a "lean out" valve it is only a lean out valve if it opens and sends some fuel back to the fuel tank. If it closes and stops some of the flow back to the tank then it is a "enrichment valve". The valves are available as dual action (both normally open and normally closed depending on how the unit is plumbed) or a single action as just a normally open or closed. By adding the jet adapter you can adjust the amount of fuel you with to redirect. The valve comes with a 1/4" NPT ports and flows a substantial 86% leak across the valve opening. Valve comes with a mounting base so it can be bolted to a bracket if desired. Valve in photo is equipped with the optional jet holder.

Dual action 12 volt solenoid part number 35773-00001
Single action 12 volt solenoid (normally open) part number 35773-00005
Single action 12 volt solenoid (normally closed) part number 35773-00006
Jet holder 1/4" male pipe thread by -6 sae o-ring thread part number 35020-00050   

Leak Checker
Leak checker
The KLRC leak checker is the most accurate leak checker available with laboratory grade gauges and regulator. The unit is calibrated to the world standard of 80 @ 80. The leak percentage gauge reads in percentage of leak. We selected the best components available because you need your leak checker to be as accurate as possible. If you were checking your bearing clearances you would use a micrometer not a tape measure. The components are available separately if you want to assemble your own tool. The quick disconnects are all high flow so as to not distort the leak checker readings. There are other leak checkers on the market that are better looking but none more accurate than this one. As you can see in the photo if you were to skimp on quality and make a cheaper unit the only place you could do that is by using cheaper regulators or gauges. If you do that then you are compromising accuracy and if that is OK with you then purchase the cheaper units. Just don't complain when you do not get the results you need.  

Leak checker gauge assembly includes regulator, manifold fittings, master leak gauge, inlet pressure supply gauge, inlet and outlet quick disconnects, and a 2 meter connection hose assembly with quick disconnects. part number 89164-10000

* Quick disconnect connection to -3 adapter (for flowing nozzles) 89164-10011
* Quick disconnect connection to -6 adapter
(for leaking small barrel valves and air popping -6 fuel system poppet cans... 89164-10012
* Quick disconnect connection to -8 adapter
(for leaking large barrel valves and air popping -8 fuel system poppet cans... 89164-10014
To leak check your engine use one of the following:
* Quick disconnect to small spark plug adapter 89164-10021
* Quick disconnect to large/short spark plug adapter 89164-10022
* Quick disconnect to large/long spark plug adapter 89164-10023

* Quick disconnect to Enderle jet thread. Allow the flowing of main jets to check the flow rate of the jet. Install a .080 jet and it becomes a calibration checking tool for the standard of .080 jet must flow 80% leak as a standard. 89164-10040

Leak checker components
89164-10001 Air line filter to .3 microns (not shown)
89164-10002 Bracket-connects filter to regulator and has a mounting flange(not shown)
89164-10003 Regulator (laboratory quality instrument regulator)
89164-10004 Gauge inlet pressure
89164-10005 Leak percentage gauge (Master gauge-laboratory quality)
Percentage gauge Percentage of leak gauge.
For information on how to use your new leak checker see 99344-02002

Start line control
Start line control kit
Stage control or starting line control cylinder and valve kit.
This is very useful for not only *DYO cars but class cars as well.
For DYO race cars it allows you to stage the car at idle with the throttle pedal all the way open. The valve opens the throttle wide open once the transbrake is released, then just before the delay in the box releases the engine is at the chip limit set in the MSD. This does several things. One it prevents someone from burning you down on the start line. This is not so much engine  temperature but trans temperature. We have observed the temperature of the fluid coming out of the converter while at stage rpm will skyrocket from 160F to 280F in less than 2 seconds. This is not only hard on the converter and trans but causes inconsistency in the vehicle elapsed time. Neither of which is a good thing. The solenoid powers the cylinder in both directions. When you activate the unit the throttle pedal goes to the floor and the car continues to idle. When you release the unit the throttle pedal is already on the floor held there now by your foot and the cylinder is powered in the other direction to open the throttle. By installing a optional bleed valve you can regulate how quick the cylinder will open.

* DYO means "dial your own" index meaning you select the handicap or bracket racing.

Start line control assembly installed
Here is the unit installed on our Drag Race School car. The cylinder simply installs between the end of the cable and the normal throttle linkage connections. Basically you just move the cable mounting position to suit the new application.

Stage control kit (less cylinder and regulator)............... 53702-00001
Includes dual acting solenoid, dual acting push pull cylinder and quick release line kit.
Stage control valve only ............................................. 53702-00010
Stage control cylinder................................................. 53702-00011
Stage control cylinder slide stop ................................. 53702-00012
Stage control cylinder quick release ball joint .............. 53702-00014
Stage control line kit with quick release connectors ..... 53702-00015
Stage control CO2 cylinder ........................................ 53702-00016
Stage control CO2 cylinder mount clamp (CNC billet)  53702-00017
Stage control kit CO2 cylinder regulator ...................... 53702-00018
Stage control kit CO2 cylinder regulator nipple & nut .. 53702-00019

Stage control bleed valve ............................................ 53702-00025
For more information on this product see our motion controls section.


Valve cover Twist Lock Quick Release vent tubes
Twist lock engine breather - assembled            Twist lock engine breather - unassembled
39390-31250 Quick Disconnect Valve cover vent tubes 3 bolt hole mount
1 1/4" hose connection- 1/4 turn release with internal
o-ring seal 39390-21250 Quick Disconnect Valve cover vent tubes 2 bolt hole mount
                        1 1/4" hose connection- 1/4 turn release with internal o-ring seal - 2 bolt mount
                         suits old standard covers that already have holes for standard breathers.


--- Crank support ---
Ford Cleveland / Fontana 351W, 351C 351 Fontana
Ford Cleveland/Fontanna cranksupportFord Cleveland / Fontanna crank support kit
Front crankshaft support / Supercharged application
Photo shows how the crank support interacts with other hardware.

The front of the crankshaft on a supercharged engine takes a lot of strain from the pull of the belt turning the supercharger. On some applications it takes up to 800 horsepower to just turn the blower at full boost. The front of the crankshaft was never designed to take this type of side load and because of this side load it will cause the crankshaft to fail prematurely at the radii on the front of the first rod journal. On a supercharged engine it is not if the crank will fail it is when. If you back fire the engine for some reason and nothing happens except you just break the belt ask yourself what amount of energy did it take to break this belt and how did this energy manifest itself in the crankshaft. The belt broke because the engine kept turning when the supercharger stopped (or wanted to stop) because of a spike of excessive pressure in the manifold (from the backfire). What did it do to the front of the unsupported crankshaft ? What you did not realize is that although you do not see the damage you probably just cracked the crankshaft on the number one rod journal. Though it will still run (probably) the crankshaft just had over half of its normal life eliminated.. Now what did that cost ? A KLRC crank support will usually double the life of a crankshaft making the KLRC crank support on of the best investments you can make. If you crankshaft costs $2000.00 (or more) and lasts 40 runs before it cracks beyond safe use and you can get 70 or 80 runs with a KLRC crank support then the KLRC crank support should be worth $2000.00.(or more) JUST THE FIRST TIME THAT YOU USE IT.

The KLRC crank support attaches to the lower four bolt holes in the front of the engine block with studs. The crank support side plates slide on the studs and the front bearing plate goes on after the side plates. The crank spindle attaches to the center of the crankshaft and the bearing that rides in the front bearing plates goes on the end of the spindle. The KLRC crank support has adjustment built into the design to allow for differences in crank tunnel bore but once the adjustment is set you can disassemble and reassemble the engine with out having to readjust the crank support. The KLRC crank support comes black anodized with a complete set of instructions to install the kit correctly. If you have a desire for a color other than black anodized please ask when you order.

Check list of items you may need.
* Front cover - select application
* Crank support kit
* Fuel pump hex drive
* Fuel pump hex drive adapter
* Crank hub
* Crank hub timing ring
* Engine mounts (with or without saddles)
* Idler pulley

For prices send email to

Ford Cleveland/Fontana Crank Support Kit- includes side plates and mounting studs, front plate with bearing clamp rings, crank support bearing spindle, bearing, and center bolt. part number 39725-35100

351 Ford Fontana Crank support engine front cover (Base plate) machined for fuel pump mount, blower belt idler pulley mounting bracket, front engine mount holes provided. CNC machined billet aluminum. Includes timing pointer and mounting holes drilled and tapped.
part number  39195-69980

351 Ford Cleveland Crank support engine front cover (Base plate), machined for fuel pump mount, blower belt idler pulley mounting bracket, front engine mount holes provided. CNC machined billet aluminum. Includes timing pointer and mounting holes drilled and tapped.
part number 39195-69990

Fuel pump hex drive
Fuel injection hex pump drive only 39225-00001
Fuel injection hex pump drive cam adapter 39225-00008

Custom crank support spindles are available with long bearing shafts to allow the use of a dry sump belt drive off the front of the crank support. Most aluminum components come anodized black standard. On some parts other colors are available. Ask when ordering what colors are available.

Ford small block blower drive crank hub
Ford Cleveland blower crank hub
36335-01500 Blower drive crankshaft hub 4140 steel

Blower crank hub with timing ring
36600-63750 Timing ring 6.375 diameter
Lightened with predrilled holes for magnets for computer pickups

For more Ford engine parts click here 










Ken Says..... click here






The 31 Chapter 200 page Fuel Injection book is here for  more info on what has been called "the best fuel injection book on this planet". Now only $99.95AUD If you only learn one thing it is worth it
The FI book has been this price for ten years now, my publishing costs continue to rise and soon I will have to raise the price.
Currently all orders are processed at the old price of $99.95 - don't miss out - order now.

I must point out that my printing house (and all the rest of them as well) have raised their prices so when this last printed batch of books are gone... the price goes up. Order now and save.
Can I point out it is less than 50 cents a page!!!

We ship the FI book inside Australia COD Australia Post. When the order arrives at your post office you pay the postman and he sends the money to us. Outside Australia we require a valid credit card to make the charges to.















































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