The KLRC TDC Whistle

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KLRC TDC WhistleScrew into spark plug hole number one and turn the engine over by hand as the piston comes to the top the whistle will let you know and as it slowly gets to the top the whistle stops making the sound and you know you are at number one TDC. Watch the youtube video link below to see how it works.
List Price $105.00+AUD
RDD $89.00+AUD

For Spark Plug Type ASpark Plug Type A
PN 89788-10021
For Spark Plug Type BSpark Plug Type B
PN 89788-10022
For Spark Plug Type CSpark Plug Type C
PN 89788-10023
For Spark Plug Type DSpark Plug Type D
PN 89788-10024

This is a product we made for ourselves many decades ago and many have commented what a nifty tool.
We decided to offer it to the rest of the world.
The price is in Australian Dollars with is about 70% the value of the US dollar. We accept credit cards Master and Visa and ship worldwide. Shipping to USA is $36.00AUD Shipping to Australian addresses is $19.00AUD+
There is no GST on orders shipped overseas.
To order please supply us with your choice of spark plug type by using our part number and give us your complete shipping address to include phone number and email address, and your credit card details for processing the order. We can do PayPal but wait for our invoice to be posted with the details.
We posted this to the market in mid November and have been swamped with orders so please be patient.
Prices are subject to change and must be confirmed at time of order. 15 November 2018