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Plastic Storage Boxes ... click here
wpe49.jpg (9612 bytes)er (accurately measures both temperature and the amount of water in the air). Keep track of the air conditions yourself. Get instant temperature reading in Fare height or Celsius and a humidity reading as well. LCD display of that reads in 1% humidity readings and .1 degree temperature readings. A perfect compliment to the altimeter (PN 89262-00002) and the Patrick Hale Air Density program (PN89262-00003) both shown below. 5 3/4" long and powered by two LR44 batteries that will last for 4400 hours under constant use. Part number 89262-00001



Make your own Bird Wrench. For more info click here (YouTube)

Altimeterwpe4C.jpg (7743 bytes)
An altimeter is a very accurate tool for measuring small changes in air pressure which will make big differences in your cars performance. When used with the density software below and the thermo-hygrometer above you can track very small changes in the density altitude which will allow you to keep your engine in perfect tune or adjust your dial in for the perfect run. PN89262-00002






Density Software Program
wpe4F.jpg (47175 bytes)
View of the software as it appears on the computer screen.
Density software
Patrick Hale's air density software allow the racer to read the air conditions and make adjustments to the fuel system for maximum performance or to the dial in for DYO cars.   Quit guessing and have your information at your fingertips. You will need a computer to load the software on but you need one at the race track anyway to keep all your information for your race car. By the way Patrick is not just a software geek but he is a class racer in NHRA's Competition Eliminator so he understands race cars and "tests" his software every race day. PN89262-00003





wpe3D.jpg (8856 bytes) Engine sling
85655-14800 Engine sling - Use over the headers and remove the engine on center steer cars with out removing the headers or as show here use bolts in the exhaust header mount holes. The sling is infinitely adjustable to get the engine at the correct angle for installation into the car.





85710-14000 Tow strap 14' long with latch and loop
85710-25000 Tow strap 25' long with latch and loop

wpe12.jpg (38955 bytes)   Ratchet Tie down strap
85580-00010 Ratchet tie with hook on ratchet 10' long
85580-00015 Ratchet tie with hook on ratchet 15' long
85580-00020 Ratchet tie with hook on ratchet 20' long
85580-00025 Ratchet tie with hook on ratchet 25' long



wpe3B.jpg (4538 bytes)  wpe3C.jpg (7085 bytes)
85580-35000 Soft loop - perfect for tying the car down and not marring the paint


wpe44.jpg (7750 bytes) Tire Cover
85195-26015 Tire cover Regular size 15" tire
85195-26016 Tire cover Large size 16" tire

85195-16010 Engine cover
89755-50000 Parts washing cabinet for use over trash can
89763-16503 Tubing gauge-Go-Nogo gauge for measuring c moly tubing



 Race carwpe41.jpg (8946 bytes) tool box
89755-00501 Tool tray for KLRC dragster radiator cover
89755-00855 To
ol tray for KLRC dragster chassis roll cage






wpe49.jpg (5698 bytes)
89755-00850 Tool tray for Enderle hat injector
                        Click here for fitting instructions

89736-00865 Work table ..sturdy collapsible stainless steel
89143-00999 Air calculator

wpe14.jpg (15629 bytes) Start up stand / work stand
89700-00100 Car start stand 10" tall
89700-00115 Car start stand 11.5" tall
Custom made stands available.




Fuel Tools   -------------------------------------------------------------------
wpe16.jpg (27120 bytes) AN Line Wrenches
89800-90687 Wrench for AN fittings fuel line wrench #6 - .687
89800-90875 Wrench for AN fittings fuel line wrench #8 - .875
89800-91125 Wrench for AN fittings fuel line wrench #10-1.125
89800-91250 Wrench for AN fittings fuel line wrench #12-1.250
89800-91375 Wrench for AN fittings fuel line wrench #16-1.375
89800-90000 Complete wrench set (5 wrenches)


wpe43.jpg (5444 bytes) Jet Tool
89800-14500 Jet removal tool ORA style

wpe42.jpg (10383 bytes) Jet / Nozzle boards
Double sided jet board
89110-20481 Jet board for 48 jets (double sided)
89110-20801 Jet board for 80 jets (double sided)
89110-21041 Jet board for 104 jets (double sided)
Double sided nozzle board
89110-33001 Nozzle board for 30 nozzles (double sided)
89110-36001 Nozzle board for 60 nozzles (double sided)

Engine Tools   --------------------------------------------------------------

 System One Wrenchwpe15.jpg (10436 bytes)
89800-00825 System one oil filter wrench





89810-00890 Wrist pin checking tool (check for straightens) w/dial
89810-00891 Wrist pin checking
tool (check for straightens) w/o dial
89307-00109 Cam degree tool from
billet (holds dial indicator)
89307-00115 Cam degree tool holds dial indicator on SBC rocker stud
89307-00123 Cam degree tool BBC Intake
89307-00124 Cam degree tool BBC Exhaust
89307-00125 Kit includes one 89307-00123 + 89307-00124 tools


Engine Cradle
wpe19.jpg (25341 bytes) wpe3E.jpg (8856 bytes)
Engine cradle dimensions are the same as the standard KLRC race car. Use the same mounts on the race car and the engine cradle. Suitable for starting the engine on. Great for storage at the shop and then roll in the trailer for the long trips out of town. Use the sling for removal or installation into the cradle. On ours we made a small frame that slides into the top rails that holds the fuel tank for starting the engine.
89196-00001 Engine cradle
89196-00002 Engine cradle with wheels
wpe3F.jpg (8323 bytes)

Engine turning tools -------------------------

 Engine twpeF.jpg (14560 bytes)urner (non supercharged)
CNC from billet aluminum with 1/2" square broach hole
89560-16706 Chevy engine turner harmonic balancer drive plate only
89560-16709 Ch
evy engine turner harmonic balancer drive plate kit with bolts and spacer
89560-16716 Chrysler 426/440 drive plate only
89560-16719 Chrysler 426/440 drive plate kit with bolts and spacers
89560-16726 Chrysler 392 drive plate only
89560-16729 Chrysler 392 drive plate kit with bolts and spacers
89560-16736 Ford 351C drive plate only
89560-16739 Ford 351C drive plate kit with bolts and spacers

wpe1A.jpg (14846 bytes) Engine turner - supercharged
89560-16746 Supercharger drive pulley engine turner

Have you flowed your fuel system ? Flowing your fuel system will create a "map" of the fuel curve and assist you in making good tuning decisions.

 Piston Rawpe3C.jpg (12919 bytes)ck
89573-00621 Piston rack for holding piston and rod assemblies

89547-00600 Piston dome thickness measuring tool
89605-00704 Rod bolt checking tool (Straightness)






Rod wpe11.jpg (17325 bytes)Vise
Rod vice




89800-81500 Spark plug tool (torque type)

wpe17.jpg (11511 bytes) Spark plug tool
89800-81600 Spark plug tool (solid type STAINLESS)

89778-00895 Valve spring tester - check on bench (hydraulic pressure)
89778-00896 Valve spring tester - check on head (hydraulic pressure)

wpeE.jpg (17262 bytes) Engine stand head
89302-00001 Engine stand head. We supply the flame cut head profile so you can build your own engine assembly stand.

wpe40.jpg (4409 bytes)
Tapered Ring Compressor
89177-64000 Piston ring compressor 4.000" bore
89177-64030 Piston ring compressor 4.030" bore
89177-64060 Piston ring compressor 4.060" bore
89177-64090 Piston ring compressor 4.090" bore
89177-64120 Piston ring compressor 4.120" bore
89177-64187 Piston ring compressor 4.187" bore
89177-64250 Piston ring compressor 4.250" bore
89177-64280 Piston ring compressor 4.280" bore
89177-64310 Piston ring compressor 4.310" bore
89177-64375 Piston ring compressor 4.375" bore
89177-64437 Piston ring compressor 4.437" bore
89177-64500 Piston ring compressor 4.500" bore
89177-64999 Piston ring compressor custom bore size

89555-47001 Small block Chevy hone plate
89555-47002 Big block Chevy hone plate
89555-47003 '26 Hemi hone plate
89555-47011 Briggs hone plate

Have you flowed your fuel system ? Flowing your fuel system will create a "map" of the fuel curve and assist you in making good tuning decisions.

wpe13.jpg (29574 bytes) MSD Chip traywpe18.jpg (18776 bytes)
89755-6000 MSD Chip tray kit (chips not included)


   Tool box handles
89290-16906  Tool box handles - Neat handles are the hardest part to make for a custom tool box. We supply the handles and you make the box. One side has is countersunk for flat head stainless screws and the other side is threaded to 10-32.


Leak Checker
wpe49.jpg (17901 bytes)
The KLRC leak checker is the most accurate leak checker available with laboratory grade gauges and regulator. The unit is calibrated to the world standard of 80 @ 80. The leak percentage gauge reads in percentage of leak. We selected the best components available because you need your leak checker to be as accurate as possible. If you were checking your bearing clearances you would use a micrometer not a tape measure. The components are available separately if you want to assemble your own tool. The quick disconnects are all high flow so as to not distort the leak checker readings. There are other leak checkers on the market that are better looking but none more accurate than this one. As you can see in the photo if you were to skimp on quality and make a cheaper unit the only place you could do that is by using cheaper regulators or gauges. If you do that then you are compromising accuracy and if that is OK with you then purchase the cheaper units. Just don't complain when you do not get the results you need.  

Leak checker gauge assembly includes regulator, manifold fittings, master leak gauge, inlet pressure supply gauge, inlet and outlet quick disconnects, and a 2 meter connection hose assembly with quick disconnects. part number 89164-10000

* Quick disconnect connection to -3 adapter (for flowing nozzles) 89164-10011
* Quick disconnect connection to -6 adapter
(for leaking small barrel valves and air popping -6 fuel system poppet cans... 89164-10012
* Quick disconnect connection to -8 adapter
(for leaking large barrel valves and air popping -8 fuel system poppet cans... 89164-10014
To leak check your engine use one of the following:
* Quick disconnect to small spark plug adapter 89164-10021
* Quick disconnect to large/short spark plug adapter 89164-10022
* Quick disconnect to large/long spark plug adapter 89164-10023

* Quick disconnect to Enderle jet thread. Allow the flowing of main jets to check the flow rate of the jet. Install a .080 jet and it becomes a calibration checking tool for the standard of .080 jet must flow 80% leak as a standard. 89164-10040

Leak checker components
89164-10001 Air line filter to .3 microns (not shown)
89164-10002 Bracket-connects filter to regulator and has a mounting flange not shown)
89164-10003 Regulator (laboratory quality instrument regulator)
89164-10004 Gauge inlet pressure
89164-10005 Leak percentage gauge (Master gauge-laboratory quality)

For information on how to use your new leak checker see 99344-02002


   Tool Box Drawer LabelsTool Box Drawer Labels

When I want a tool, I want it now. I hate having to open a drawer only to find out I missed judged and opened the wrong drawer. I tried a lot of different kinds of labels and was just not satisfied with any of them (didn't stick, ugly, got dirty easy) until I had these made. Since I have had these on my tool boxes everyone who has seen them wants a set. They seem to popular enough I thought I would put the out on the web here. They are engraved black plastic showing the white letters under the black plastic.

The labels are only sold in sets, the list below is a list of what you will get in your set.

All labels are 20mm high x 100mm long and come with double sided adhesive tape on the back, peal away the tape cover and stick it on. Suggest you wipe off the oil first.
1ea part number
10352-00001 Tool Box Drawer Label Set
List Price $149.00                                                                        Racer Decal Discount $125.00

Email me to place an order.

If anyone has any additional labels they need or want other than what is on the list below just email me and I will consider adding it to the list.

Drawer Labels
Socket Set 1/4Tool Box Drawer Labels
Socket Set 3/8
Socket Set 1/2"
Channel Lock Pliers

Standard Pliers
Side Cutters
Wrenches - Open  Imp
Wrenches - Combo  Imp

Wrenches - Boxed Imp
Wrenches - Open  Metric
Wrenches - Combo Metric
Wrenches - Boxed metric

Wrenches - Adjustable
Wrenches - Ignition

Allen Wrenches
Screwdriver Straight
Screwdriver Phillips

Pry Bars
Pullers and Pushers
Specialty Tools
Engine Tools
Writing tools
pens - Markers
hack saw
pipe wrench
torque wrench
air tools
Torx Drive

All we need to ship your order is your credit card details and a shipping address. We accept Master Card and Visa. There is a printed number on the back of your credit card on the signature line. Would you give us the last three digits of that number. Please include your phone number as well. Prices are in AUD (Australian Dollars) + GST (if applicable) to convert to US dollars multiply by ~.85, GST does not apply to orders from outside Australia. Price does not include shipping. All prices are subject to change without notice. Prices must be verified at time of purchase only.

Place Order Here

Other literature available.
99253-85001 Small Block Chevy components
99253-85002 Big Block Chevy components
99253-85003 Ford 351C engine components
99253-85004 392 Chrysler components
99253-85005 426-440 Chrysler components
99253-53601 Blower Components
99253-80011 Cooling system components
99253-80001 Front Engine Dragster kits
99253-90001 Special Race Car tools
99253-01000 Info on the Drag Race School
99253-00001 Why flow my fuel system ?
99253-00002 How to Win in DYO
99253-00003 So you want to build your own dragster ?
99253-00004 What is the future of DYO ?
99253-00005 KLRC car features
99253-20001 Modified Dragster Prices
99253-30001 Modified Altered Prices
99253-40001 Modified Roadster Prices

99344-00001 Info on your new KLRC car.
99344-00010 Cooling your race car and electric water pump instructions
99344-01001 Supercharged drive hub installation instructions
99344-02002 Leak checker instructions
99344-25950 Instructions for mounting legs on hat injection tool box
99344-26001 Small Block Chevy crank support installation instructions
99344-26002 Big Block Chevy crank support installation instructions
99344-99101 Speed Scoop installations instructions
99344-99201 Big Speed Scoop installations instructions
99344-99301 Pro Stock Scoop installations instructions

Ken Says..... click here






The 31 Chapter 200 page Fuel Injection book is here for  more info on what has been called "the best fuel injection book on this planet". Now only $99.95AUD If you only learn one thing it is worth it
The FI book has been this price for ten years now, my publishing costs continue to rise and soon I will have to raise the price.
Currently all orders are processed at the old price of $99.95 - don't miss out - order now.

I must point out that my printing house (and all the rest of them as well) have raised their prices so when this last printed batch of books are gone... the price goes up. Order now and save.
Can I point out it is less than 50 cents a page!!!

We ship the FI book inside Australia COD Australia Post. When the order arrives at your post office you pay the postman and he sends the money to us. Outside Australia we require a valid credit card to make the charges to.















































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