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Tunnel ram injectors kit - Small block Chevy

Tunnel Ram Fuel Injection Small Block ChevyIn drag racing applications there are a lot of reasons to use a tunnel ram type injector instead of the old style stack injector. Although there is little if any difference in the performance of either injector type at wide open throttle because the port runners in the tunnel ram type injector act just like the ram tubes of the stack injectors making them equal at wide open throttle. Where the tunnel ram and hat type injector excel is at the idle environment. When you consider that in drag racing most of the engine run time is at idle you realize the importance of the idle environment. With stack type injectors the problems stem from two facts. One the butterflies are located in the injector casting very close to the cylinder head and two there is no plenum below the butterflies connecting all the cylinders. Because the butterflies are located so low in the casting when you tighten down the manifold casting you distort the bores of the butterflies causing some butterflies to let in more air than others. Stack injectors recommend you adjust the butterflies to square them in the bores after installation. This does not help if the bores are out of round. You will set the butterflies at installation while the engine is cold and when the engine is running it is hot. This expansion changes the relationship again. If you go back and retorque the manifold bolts that will change the relationship as well. Does this mean after each one of these things happens you must readjust the butterflies? You control the fuel delivery to each cylinder with nozzle size and pressure but matching that fuel volume with the correct amount of air is the job of the butterflies. With no plenum some will get more air than others. With a tunnel ram and hat injector the plenum allows each cylinder to get as much air as it needs. This keeps all cylinders idling at the same temperature. This is important since cylinder temperature is important on the starting line. If you have one or two cold cylinders the car must travel some distance before they warm up to operating temperature. This is a loss of power, which will result in a loss of performance.

This injector assembly is calibrated for non supercharged methanol consumption applications.

 Prices are in AUD + gst (if applicable) to convert to US dollars multiply by .85 GST does not apply to orders from outside Australia.  All I need to ship your order is your credit card details and a shipping address.

 Purchasing check list.

To compile a complete list of the hardware needed to install a complete injector on your engine use the following list.
 Hat assembly
Hat adapter to manifold
Tunnel ram manifold
Include tunnel ram manifold modifications
     Port nozzle bungs

     Distribution block mounting
Fuel pump
Fuel pump drive options are:
     Belt drive
     Cam drive (off timing cover or JESEL cam drive)
Fuel pump extension (some cam drive applications)
Fuel shut off valve with fittingsTunnel Ram Fuel Injection Small Block Chevy
Fuel shut off controls
Fuel lines
    One -12 Tank to pump
    One -8 pump to hat
    Two -6 returns back to tank
EZ Start valve (Recommended)
Throttle cable connections
See the fuel tank section below.

Hat assembly includes: Polished aluminum injector hat, metering valve, idle and secondary check valve, bypass pills, distribution block, nozzles and rubber fuel delivery lines for the intake manifold nozzles. $ 2237.00
Order from LFS and you get the right barrel valve spool and nozzles for your application.

Add for high flow barrel valve (recommended) $ 100.00

See controls section for cables and linkages to connect throttle levers to the throttle pedal.
Bugcatcher hat, shaft and bflies only(for EFI applications)$1399.00

Adapter (Bug/Bird hat to Edelebrock Victor Ram manifold


Tunnel Ram Fuel Injection Hat Adapter







Bugcatcher injector hat to Edelbrock SB Chevy tunnel ram
PN 35020-10001 $ 360.00

Tunnel ram manifold ***********
Edelbrock SBC tunnel ram manifold. Port nozzle mounting is not included. See prices below for modification prices.
PN 35375-70701 $ 645.00 

Port Nozzle installation *********
All tunnel ram manifolds come stock undrilled for port nozzles. To add port nozzle weld rings to manifold. On small block Chevy Edelbrock manifolds the port wall is too thin to support a threaded nozzle holder so a threaded ring must be welded to the port runner for the nozzle holder to thread into. 

LOWE Fuel Systems Tunnel Ram Port Nozzle Installation

8 ea single port nozzle bungs $ 112.00
8 ea double port nozzle bungs $ 208.00
8 ea triple port nozzle bungs $ 288.00
Installation of port nozzle bungs
$ 200.00
Installation of port nozzle bung information here (do it yourself)

 The nozzle holders shown are for a special application with a option for nitrous nozzles.  Note: On big block Chevy Edelebrock Victor Rams the port wall is thick enough to support the threaded nozzle holder so all you have to do on that manifold is just drill and tap to suit. Price for this is only $65.00

Distribution block and mounting ********* 


In this set up it is a good idea to locate the distribution block down on the manifold lower than the barrel valve. A distribution block mounting bracket is PN 35216-80900 $ 55.00

Installation of distribution mounting block. $ 20.00

LOWE Fuel Systems - Fuel Injection PumpFuel pump *******************************
80A-1 PN 35571-30030 $ 885.00 
Constant flow fuel injection requires the correct size fuel pump for the application. Too large or too small both will create problems. For a fuel pump drive, select belt drive if you are using a stock type water pump. If you have an electric remote water pump or do not use a water pump you can use a cam drive. Note: All the small pumps (Enderle 80As and Hilborn 150s) use an asymmetrical three hole mounting pattern. Often the final drilling and tapping must be done when the unit is being installed to insure the correct pump housing rotation.   See the fuel pump drive section.

EZ Start valves Recommended ************************

In all applications where you are using an on board starter to start the engine keeping the fuel primed to the nozzles is a problem. We have a special one way check valve for top of fuel pump or top of the fuel shut off valve. The EZ Start holds the fuel in the fuel system to prevent it from draining back into the tank.  When the fuel drains back into the tank it pulls air in through the nozzles and the fuel system must refill the hoses before it will run making the engine more difficult to start as it has to purge the air from the system before it will run.

35774-10006 -6 Easy Start valve $ 79.00
35774-10008 -8 Easy Start valve $ 89.00

 EZ Start Valves - makes your fuel injection start like a carburator


Fuel shut off valve ********************* 

3 way Fuel shut off valve 1.295 body 8 ports with -8 fittings
PN 35775-00602 $ 255.00

See control section for levers and cables to allow driver to operate this valve from inside the drivers compartment.

 Fuel Injection Fuel Shut Off ValveOver Center Kit - Keeps the fuel shut off open or closed







35090-35209 Over-center spring mount bracket & kit.  
This kit holds the fuel shut off in the open position preventing it from moving closed while the engine is running, yet it allows you to close the fuel shutoff easily.

PN 35090-35204  $ 79.00 

 Fuel pump drives ****************************

With constant flow fuel injection the size of the fuel pump is critical and the fuel pump speed is directly related to engine rpm.

You have two ways you can drive the fuel pump. One is belt drive and the other is cam drive. The good point about belt drive is that it leaves the front of the engine free for other hardware and the fuel pump is mounted very low insuring the pump has easy access to the fuel. The downside is that the fuel pump is mounted low and is not very accessible. It is harder to get the fuel pump off and on with a belt drive. The belt and belt adjustment can cause problems as well. 

Cam drive mounts the fuel pump on the front timing cover and drives the pump off the front of the cam as the name implies. Here the fuel pump gives easy access. Design of the fuel tank is important here as you want to make sure the tank is designed with the fuel level above the level of the pump.


Note: On the belt drive application the fuel pump is mounted backwards to the cam drive the fuel pump operating rotation is different. IF you do not change the operating rotation of the fuel pump it will not pump fuel to the barrel valve and your unit will not work.

Small Block Chevy timing cover ********************

Small block Chevy timing cover shown with fuel pump, fuel pump extension, harmonic balancer and cam drive kit.


SBC Chevy cast alum timing cover kit PN 39195-35010 $ 291.00

Non Supercharged application machined to clear a Romac balancer

            Includes water block off plates

            Includes fuel pump mounting flange drilled for 4 boltChevy Front Timing Cover and Fuel Pump Drive

            Includes fuel pump hex drive adapter and bearing kit


SBC Chevy cast alum timing cover only PN 39195-35011$ 225.00

Non Supercharged application machined to clear a Romac balancer

            Includes water block off plates

            Includes fuel pump mounting flange drilled for 4 bolt


SBC Chevy cast alum timing cover kit PN 39195-35013 $ 311.00

Non Supercharged application machined to clear a Romac balancer

            Does not includes water block off plates

            Includes fuel pump mounting flange drilled for 4 bolt

            Includes fuel pump hex drive adapter and bearing kit


SBC Chevy cast alum timing cover only PN 39195-35014 $ 245.00Fuel Pump Cam Drive 3/8" hex

Non Supercharged application machined to clear a Romac balancer

            Does not includes water block off plates

            Includes fuel pump mounting flange drilled for 4 bolt

Fuel Pump Hex Cam Drive

SBC Chevy fuel pump drive only PN 39225-00001 $ 89.00

Thrust bearing and 4ea .032 spacer washers PN 39225-00002 $ 25.00

 Belt drive for fuel pump ********************

 Complete small block Chevy belt drive kit. Fits small Hilborn or Enderle fuel pumps PN 35225-80001 $ 425.00














Fuel pump drive for JESEL belt drives **

If you have a Jessel belt cam drive the fuel pump drive above will allow you to mount your fuel pump on the front of you engine (cam drive). The Jessel fuel pump drive kit is drilled for a 4 bolt pump mounting and is often used with a 2 extension, which also has the 4 bolt pump mounting. If you use an Enderle 80A or a Hilborn 150 series pump you will have to drill and tap to suit the correct rotation when you install the fuel injection unit on your engine. Note: If you use a fuel pump extension it is not necessary to use the Jessel kit with the bearing housing. If you do not use a fuel pump extension then it is recommended to use the kit below with the bearing housing. 


Jesel SBC fuel pump drive kit with bearing housing

PN 39225-97000 $550.00

Jesel SBC fuel pump drive kit w/o  bearing housing

PN 39225-97100 $ 450.00













Fuel pump extensions ******************** 

Some applications require a fuel pump extension. On some cam drive applications the fuel pump has to be moved forward to clear some items. In supercharged applications the pump has to be moved forward to clear the blower drive belt. This application requires a 5 extension. Some can use a 2.5 extension. On some non supercharged applications you may have to move the fuel pump forward to clear the harmonic balancer. This requires a special 2.5 notched extension as the harmonic balancer fits very close to the timing cover on a small block Chevy.


Standard 2 billet aluminum extension PN 35225-25100 $ 305.00

Notched  2 billet aluminum extension PN 35225-25101 $ 330.00

Standard 5  billet aluminum extension PN 35225-50100 $ 345.00

All fuel pump extensions are drilled on the mounting flange for a standard 4 bolt mounting. Small fuel pumps (Enderle 80As and Hilborn 150s) are all the asymmetrical three bolt mount and the extension of your choice may have to be drilled and tapped to UNC after the correct rotation has been determined upon installation.



99344-02001 Fuel System instruction book

31 Chapters and 212 pages $ 99.95


Controls and levers ******************** 

Fuel shut off cables, brackets, levers, joints and clips.

Fuel shut off lever *************************************************

53360-22123 Fuel shut off lever 3mm thick - Chassis mount .......... $  22.00

53360-22126 Fuel shut off lever 6mm thick - Chassis mount .......... $  29.00

53155-32620 Cable clamp .(Full clamp) .............................. $  21.75

53155-32621 Cable clamp .(1/2  clamp) .............................. $  19.75

53347-10100 3/16 Male thread (SAE) 3/16" Cable end ................. $  35.00


Fuel shut off cable mount at pump ********************************

53090-35073 Enderle 80A and Hilborn 150A fuel shut off cable mount

            Plain .................................................  $  59.00

            Red ...................................................  $  65.00

            Gold ..................................................  $  65.00

            Blue ..................................................  $  65.00

            Black .................................................  $  65.00

            Purple ................................................  $  69.00

53090-35093 Enderle 990-1100 fuel shut off cable mount 0 degree ...  $  59.00

53090-35103 Enderle 990-1100 fuel shut off cable mount 5 degree ...  $  59.00

53090-35113 Enderle 990-1100 fuel shut off cable mount 7 degree ...  $  59.00

53090-35173 Enderle 990-1100 fuel shut off cable mount 7 degree

            double cable mounting (front and/or side) .............  $  72.00

            Enderle fuel shut off over center spring mount kit ....  $  65.00

53090-35306 Enderle fuel shut off over center spring mount kit

            to suit -8 fuel shut off bodies (1.295) Red  anodized   $  75.00

53090-35206 Enderle fuel shut off over center spring mount kit

            to suit -8 fuel shut off bodies (1.485) Gold anodized   $  75.00


53155-01000 Cable bracket quick release clip ....................... $  25.00

53347-10100 3/16 Male thread (SAE) 3/16" Cable end ................. $  35.00


Throttle cable mount at injection ******************************

53155-01000 Cable housing quick release clip (stainless steel)...... $  25.00

53385-13020 Enderle throttle arm return spring mount ............... $   7.50

53680-12050 Spring,throttle return 1/4" x 5" ....................... $  12.00

53680-12390 Spring,throttle return 3/8" x 6.5" ..................... $  15.00


53155-01000 Throttle bracket quick release clip .................... $  25.00

53347-10100 3/16 Male thread (SAE) 3/16" Cable end ................. $  35.00


Throttle cable mount SBC / Tunnel ram / Bugcatcher

            Tublar mount that bolts to the intake manifold and provides the

mounting point for a cable quick release clip. Available only with

a fuel injection assembly order PN 53090-13001 $ 195.00

Throttle cable mount SBC / Tunnel ram / Birdcatcher

            Tublar mount that bolts to the intake manifold and provides the

mounting point for a cable quick release clip. Available only with

a fuel injection assembly order PN 53090-13002 $ 195.00



53140-00100 Push pull control cable 39" or 3'3" ................... $   75.00

53140-00125 Push pull control cable 49" or 4'1" ................... $   75.00

53140-00150 Push pull control cable 59" or 4'11"................... $   75.00

53140-00175 Push pull control cable 69" or 5'9" ................... $   76.00

53140-00200 Push pull control cable 79" or 6'7" ................... $   77.50

53140-00225 Push pull control cable 89" or 7'5" ................... $   79.00

53140-00250 Push pull control cable 01" or 8'5" ................... $   82.50

53140-00275 Push pull control cable 08" or  9'0"................... $   85.00

53140-00300 Push pull control cable 18" or 9'10"................... $   91.00

53140-00325 Push pull control cable 28" or 10'8"................... $   92.00

53140-00350 Push pull control cable 38" or 11'6"................... $   92.00

53140-00375 Push pull control cable 48" or 12'4"................... $   99.00

53140-00400 Push pull control cable 58" or 13'2"................... $  102.00

53140-00425 Push pull control cable 67" or13'11"................... $  105.00

53140-00450 Push pull control cable 77" or14'9 "................... $  109.00

53140-00475 Push pull control cable 87" or15'7 "................... $  115.00

53140-00500 Push pull control cable 97" or16'5 "................... $  121.00


53155-32621 Cable clamp .(1/2  clamp) ............................. $   21.50

53155-01000 Cable bracket quick release clip ...................... $   25.00

53165-10000 Clevis 3/16unf with 3/16" pin ......................... $   35.00


Fuel tank *******************************

Do not run the fuel back to the tank above the fuel pick up in the tank. The fuel must be returned to the tank as far away from the fuel pump pickup as possible. This gives any fuel returning to the tank that may be carrying air in the line to separate the air and the fuel. Any fuel return line that does not purge itself on the burn out or at the start of the engine must be returned to the tank and not the pump suction.

A lot of fuel tuners today are installing a nipple in the fuel pump inlet to return the fuel to so they don't agitate the fuel in the tank.  This also reduces the fuel lines required on some cars.  Also allow the complete fuel system to be installed on a flow bench so that when you flow the system the whole system is flowed much as it is on the car.

If your fuel tank is aluminum you can reduce the alcohol corrosion problem by getting your fuel tank anodized.  This will coat and protect the tank. It wont stop the corrosion but it sure will slow it down.

Note: I do not recommend running any high pressure poppet line back to pump suction as it might not purge during the burn out and purge any air it may have during the run.  If your poppet is before the barrel valve and set for over 50 psi run it back to the tank.  If your poppet is after the barrel valve and set for over 30 psi run it back to the tank.

Fuel tank vents must deliver air to the tank to replace the fuel used by the engine.  The more fuel the engine uses the larger the tank vent must be.  I recommend a minimum 1/2" inlet on all non-supercharged engines and 3/4" on all small-supercharged engines or with a 6-71 or 8-71 blowers.  Use a 1" tank vent on large engines with large blowers up to Top Alcohol type engines. Vents must be designed to allow the tank to breathe the air in but not slosh the fuel out after a burn out. The rules state any car putting liquid on the racing surface will be disqualified. Although not always enforced by the officials if your car spills fuel it is a hazard for fire and the loss of a race due to disqualification.

If you are going to use the stock tank in the back of a sedan as the primary fuel tank then you have to make a surge tank in the front and feed the surge tank from the back tank with an electric fuel pump. The surge tank must be large enough to make one full pass down the race track. This is usually about two gallons or 8 liters. The tank must be vented with at least a 5/16 ID vent. Some racers will use a float bowl from a Holly mounted on the side of the surge tank to set the fuel level so the electric fuel pump will not over fill the tank. A large fuel pump is not necessary as it only has to keep the tank full and you have enough volume in the tank for one complete run. As you idle back to the pits the electric pump is working away refilling the surge tank. When possible make the surge tank as tall as possible with a 12 fitting on the bottom rear corner. Additionally add three 6 return ports to the tank in the opposite corner of the tank from the pump supply line.

I would recommend adding a filler cap as well so if you want to remove the factory tank later you can fill the surge tank between rounds. Dont forget to add a drain port as well.


Prices are in AUD (Australian Dollars) + gst (if applicable) to convert to US dollars multiply by .75

GST does not apply to orders from outside Australia.

Price does not include shipping.


All I need to ship your order is your credit card details and a shipping address.

We accept Master Card and Visa.

There is a printed number on the back of your credit card on the signature line. Would you give us the last three digits of that number.

Please include your phone number as well.
















High flow barrel valve (recommended)























Electronic Fuel Injection


EFI applications only need a hat with shaft and butterflies, the adapter and tunnel ram manifold. The manifold is thick enough to drill and tap for the EFI nozzles. Use the standard EFI fuel pump, nozzles and computer to complete the package. Now you have the race looks with the performance and streetability of electronic fuel injection.


Polished Bugcatcher hat with butterflies and shaft $ 1199.00

Adapter for Bird to tunnel ram manifold $ 360.00

Tunnel Ram manifold $ 645.00

Total package less GST and shipping is $ 2204.00






Ken Says..... click here






The 31 Chapter 200 page Fuel Injection book is here for  more info on what has been called "the best fuel injection book on this planet". Now only $99.95AUD If you only learn one thing it is worth it
The FI book has been this price for ten years now, my publishing costs continue to rise and soon I will have to raise the price.
Currently all orders are processed at the old price of $99.95 - don't miss out - order now.

I must point out that my printing house (and all the rest of them as well) have raised their prices so when this last printed batch of books are gone... the price goes up. Order now and save.
Can I point out it is less than 50 cents a page!!!

We ship the FI book inside Australia COD Australia Post. When the order arrives at your post office you pay the postman and he sends the money to us. Outside Australia we require a valid credit card to make the charges to.















































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